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    In order to encourage employees to improve performance, the company has developed a scientific system performance appraisal management system.

    The types of corporate performance appraisal include: 1, annual assessment 2, normal assessment 3, special assessment

    The company award system includes:

        1. The employee can apply for a reward for providing the reasonable suggestion to the company .

        2. If the employee discovers a significant abnormality and then processes or reports to the superior, and retrievs the loss of the company, he will be rewarded separately according to the extent of the loss.

        3. Any employee who has an academic article, patent or publicity company article may apply for a reward.

        4. The reward will be between 100 and 800 yuan, at the same time, the company will release the reward list.


    Our company provide a competitive salary to employees, and  establish a  scientific and reasonable incentive oriented salary distribution model and  compensation mechanism of dynamic adjustment. We respect for differences, and set up different compensation systems which based on the post value for job category respectively .

    We provide diversification benefits for employees, Apart from  paying endowment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, and other various social insurance and housing accumulation fund , also health physical examination for the employees, we also provide accidental injury insurance for employees who travel on business. 

    Apart from enjoying the statutory holidays and annual holidays stipulated by the state, employees can take half a day off on special days such as the company anniversary and the Lantern Festival. 

    In addition, the company also offers free working lunches and well-equipped staff apartments.In the days when employees get married, have a baby, have a birthday, get sick and stay in hospital, they can get a gift from the company.